About michelle

Michelle Morkert, PhD


Michelle Morkert PhD is a professor, Fulbright Scholar, educator, global researcher, and parent. With specialized training in women’s and gender studies, peace studies, gender based violence, girls’ leadership studies, and public speaking, Michelle has learned to talk about gender with just about any audience. 

Her research focus includes gender and militarization, analyzing the complexities of gender norms within religious ideologies, applications of intersectional theory, and global organizing. She also knows firsthand the effects of burnout, fatigue, and vicarious trauma experienced by academics and activists working toward global gender justice. 

Collaborate with Michelle to shape an effective approach to your individual and organizational agenda, and to cultivate authentic well-being so that you can make lasting change for gender justice.




"Michelle brings a scholarly and yet relatable approach to her speaking. Her breadth of experience left our attendees informed and her relatability made the material applicable to our daily lives, too." 

-Emilie Aries Founder & CEO, BossedUp

"Professor Michelle Morkert's lecture, "Beyond the Hashtag: Making  Sense of #MeToo and #Times Up" engaged us in discussion about the impact of new media on women's social movements. Thank you for the interesting visual material and provoking thinking."  


-Magdalena Stoch, University of Pedagogy, Krakow