Hi. My name is Michelle.
Like all of us, I am a product of the systems that socialized my life from the very beginning. As a white, cisgender woman living in the United States, I’ve seen the patriarchy up close. I know just how toxic the subtle and overt messages can be in the lives of girls and women. And, as a global gender scholar with a PhD in women’s and gender studies and specializations in gender-based violence, militarism, girls studies and peace studies, I've spent lots of years investigating the ways patriarchy operates in the lives of women around the world. I've also witnessed powerful feminist disruptions to those systems.
Now that I’m a coach, I’m putting my theory of change into practice by coaching high achieving women who are ready to leave their mark on the world.
I help feminists shed the fear that results in imposter syndrome, procrastination, self-doubt and the paralysis of fitting into constraining gender norms. Together we'll make a plan to reach your goals while feeling calm and to experience liberation while dismantling patriarchy along the way. The possibilities for liberation are endless and it starts with one conversation.
Certified Professional Coach
"Working with Michelle during my career transition was completely transformative, helping me shift my relationship to work & ground each day in my values. Michelle is encouraging, smart and an incredibly talented coach. After just six sessions, I feel more creative & confident. I can't recommend her enough."
"Michelle is the true embodiment of what I have always imagined an engaged scholar to be: Strong, approachable, a community-service driven feminist while appreciating diversities, someone with skills of discerning, seeking truth, and exploring intersectionalities in and outside of the U.S. She is motivating and motivated for transformations in women’s lives no matter where they are at or come from."

-Dr. Ozlem Ezer, scholar, educator, the author of Syrian Women Refugees
"Professor Michelle Morkert's lecture, 'Beyond the Hashtag: Making Sense of #MeToo and #Times Up' engaged us in discussion about the impact of new media on women's social movements. Thank you for the interesting visual material and provoking thinking."

-Magdalena Stoch, University of Pedagogy, Krakow