Individual Coaching  Package

DISRUPT: Individualized 12 Week Coaching Package
I coach clients through a 1:1 individualized, feminist coaching process that helps you identify and disrupt limiting beliefs in your life. You did not come up with these mindset patterns, but you carry their burden. Together we'll eliminate belief layering so that you can advocate for yourself like you do for others .
Contact me to set up a free 30-minute call to learn more about this process.

Small Group Coaching

DISRUPT: Imposter Syndrome Group Coaching

I coach, teach, and facilitate small groups to help you detox your brain of imposter syndrome messages that result in negative self-talk, perfectionism, procrastination & second-guessing.

Learn research-based, reusable tools to help you feel calm, confident & ready to achieve your goals.

Contact me to set up a free 30-minute call to learn about group coaching.

Michelle Morkert Coaching LLC contributes to feminist organizations doing work locally & globally.
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