Stubborn Sophie

I walked into my home work space today and found my 12 year old cat, Sophie, sitting on the keyboard of my laptop.  She saw me walk into the room.  She watched me watch her.  She met my eyes and stared right back at me calmly.  

Sophie was not going to budge.  She did not budge.  

This cat claimed her space until I moved her to write this blog post.  Actually, she’s still glaring at me and probably fantasizing about kicking me out of the room to see how I like it.

I thought admiringly about this stubborn cat and wondered how it would feel if I decided to be that stubborn about my well-being during this pandemic.  What would that look like?  And, “I don’t know” is not an answer so I asked myself a different question. “What if I did know?” 

 What I know is that “sheltering in place” creates space for newness instead of routine.  It breaks down the silos I’ve built in my life to separate out the spheres that so clearly intersect.  

The new normal can really be anything I create, anything we create.  

It’s all about stubborn curiosity and relentless cultivation of our authentic selves.  

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