You get to DECIDE

I DECIDED to take the last week to rest and that’s exactly what happened.  I’ve never rested like this because I always felt too guilty, at least that’s what my inner critic said.  I thought that I “shouldn’t” rest.  I thought that I didn’t deserve to rest.  I thought that working myself to the point of exhaustion meant that I cared about my job and my family.  That’s what I learned growing up.  Prolonged rest is a luxury.   A “vacation” must be earned.  

I was wrong and my chronic depletion was the evidence.  

It was when I worked with my first coach that I realized how many choices I have in life.  I realized that I get to DECIDE.   

I DECIDED to watch the sunset every night last week because that’s one of my favorite ways to reflect.  That’s exactly what I did.

When I saw the first sunset, I  DECIDED that it meant we humans are interconnected which made me think about all the ways that we impact one another.  That’s the exact thought that remained with me all week. 

I reflected on our month of recovery from COVID-19 and the lingering brain fog.  I thought about why we took the precautions we did to avoid catching and spreading the virus, even though we caught it from someone we don’t know.  I was struck by how narrowly I often envision the connections in my life when the truth is that the actions I take today impact others I will never meet.  

I DECIDED to focus on the love that so many shared with us during our recovery by making food, sending care packages and flowers.  And, guess what.  I felt loved.  

I also DECIDED to remember just how grateful and fiercely committed I am to coaching women change makers because the more change we make, the more coaching support can help us all move toward even greater possibility. 

All those thoughts we have generate feelings, even if we don’t realize it.  We take actions from those emotions.  I love that about us.  Just think what we can do in the world when we pay attention to our internal dialogue.

Coaching helped me DECIDE to DECIDE with intention how to live. I DECIDED my priorities. I DECIDED which risks I wanted to take. I DECIDED to improve my health. I DECIDED to focus on my relationships. And, I am most proud to have DECIDED to stop being afraid. 

Sign up for a free call today to find out how coaching can help you DECIDE to shed fear, make an even bigger impact and smash the patriarchy at the same time.  DECIDE to feel courageous today.

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