I’m not going to meet misogyny in the middle.

I’m not going to meet white supremacy culture in the middle either.  

In fact, I’m coming for both of them.  Here’s how.

I coach women who  refuse to tiptoe around power structures and their fragile leaders.  I coach women who recognize that imposter syndrome is a toxic effect of patriarchy.  I coach women who won’t play by someone else’s rules.  And, I coach women who reject the “be good and smile more” mentality that they experience in the workplace.  They will not self-censor for one more day.

That’s how we dismantle misogyny and white supremacy.  We don’t coddle them or pretend that they shouldn’t be “cancelled.”  

We change our communities when we set ambitious goals and finish our projects. We reconfigure our lives and break down systems that have been working against so many of us for generations.

Systems are slow to change, but that doesn’t mean that we have to wait.  The opposite it true.  The more focused we become, the more confidence we have to take action that changes the world.  I speak from experience.  Coaching helped me recognize all the ways that I was my own worst critic and how to champion myself instead of looking for outside validation.  I learned that I spent lots of time hiding and coaching taught me to step out of the shadows.  The world needs more women disrupting intersecting systems of oppression and supporting others who are already in the fight.  Join me.

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