The cure for feminist laryngitis

Feminist laryngitis can be a slow process of self-censorship as a form of survival in a patriarchal world. 

It can happen over time when we stay quiet even when we want to speak up. It can emerge we apologize for taking up space. 

It can take hold when we try to make our feminism feel warm & fuzzy so that the patriarchy won’t notice how radical we really are underneath.

It can be a form of self-preservation because some spaces are dangerous for feminists.

It’s curable though. The recovery can happen quickly or it can take time. There’s no single prescription. 

There was a time when I forgot what my voice sounded like because I’d been living with a muted version for so long. The coaching journey to unearth the shame & inner patriarchy brought me life, volume, love, curiosity, courage & playfulness. I’ve loved it all of it, even the pain of using my voice in a new way.

I believe that it’s possible for you to reclaim and redefine your feminist self too. I know because I’ve done it.

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