The secret to disrupting overwhelm

What’s on your “overwhelm list?”Here’s a snapshot of mine: 
The Delta variant (and other variants) 
SB8 and vigilante activity 
What’s about to happen to girls & women in Afghanistan 
Changing Covid-19 protocols 
Haitians rebuilding after the earthquake 
Effects of Hurricane Ida 
Systematic dismantling of voting rights in the United States 
The mid-term elections 
Learning the biz ins and outs as a solo-preneurNotice how my list is full of vaguely specific thoughts? I’ve got just enough to start the worry spiral, but not enough to narrow my thinking.The patriarchy loves when we engage in overwhelm. Here’s why.
Overwhelm often starts with a good intention but ends in paralysis. We feel overwhelmed because we care and because we want to fix the problems that exist on a systemic level. We think that we’re just one person without the power to help thousands of people.

We feel defeated and we give up. The patriarchy wins when we give up.

Here’s the secret to disrupting overwhelm:
1.Notice that our brains are operating perfectly by spotting the danger and moving in the opposite direction.
2.Pay attention to what you do or don’t do when you feel overwhelmed. Do you read/watch the news for hours? Do you try to ignore it? Do you eat cake (like I did this week after SB8 went into effect)?
3.Deconstruct the problem into the essence that matters most to you. We can care about a lot, but we can’t act on everything.
4.Recognize that your concern reflects what you value. Love on that for a bit.
5.Get practical and decide the one or two clear steps you can take to effect change.
6.Make a plan to take those steps and do them. Do them alone. Do them in community. Do them.
7.Reflect on the actions you took.
9.Rest more.
10.Start the process again on the same issue or pick a different one.

I coach compassionate people who want to change the world. My people feel exhausted easily because they are paying attention. My people want to make the world a better place. And, my people need to add ease to their lives.

Does this message resonate with you? If so, reply to this email and we’ll schedule a conversation to talk about how coaching can help you decrease overwhelm and increase ease in your life.

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