imposter syndrome

Dream loudly

Think of a goal that you set for yourself in the past.  Was it your goal or did it belong to someone else?  Here’s what I mean. The patriarchy is an organizing system that not only structures our society (government, education, religion, family), but it also organizes US.  It influences what we think is (im)possible …

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Imposter Syndrome is a joke.

Scholars studying Imposter Syndrome in the United States for decades identified that people from marginalized communities experience self-doubt, perfectionism, and feelings of fraudulence when they break through a structural barrier.  The feelings that a person does not belong or that they will be outed as an imposter increase when that person identifies with multiple marginalized …

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Stop pathologizing women for feeling uncertain. It’s sexist!

I’ve been following Imposter Syndrome research at a distance for decades. It first attracted me because it helped me make sense of what I was experiencing in the academe. I felt less alone when I read the statistics and learned that many high achieving women felt like frauds while still excelling and making the world …

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