#UWNT & Equal Pay!

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Did you watch the U.S. Women’s National Team win 2-0 over The Netherlands in the World Cup Final last week?  If not, you probably saw some coverage of their victory. How could you miss it, right?    After the championship match ended, the stadium vibrated with chants of “Equal Pay!  Equal Pay!” – a resounding show of support for the female players’ legal …

Something in the Water

Something in the Water

Michelle Morkert burnout, education, feminism, gender norms, gender roles, pay equity, second generation, workplace

According the Harvard Business Review, this is how women described gender discrimination in the workplace – it’s like “something in the water.”  It’s rarely overt, but it’s there.  The examples could be considered inconsequential yet nagging.  However, add up those examples (ok, dear?) and one generates a profile of second-generation gender bias. HBR defines second-generation gender bias as ” embedded …