Fire & brimstone level fear

I used to feel ashamed about so many aspects of my life that I forgot myself and started to seek approval for my hobbies, clothing preferences, research and parenting. I forgot that it was an option to decide for myself. Over time, I slowly hid the qualities that made me uniquely me. They weren’t gone …

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Chasing “tomorrow” used to fuel my perfection.

I am a planner and a dreamer.   I love the dopamine hit I get from making an elaborate plan to detox with a cleanse, adjust my business model, create a travel itinerary, make a research goal that includes an unrealistic amount of reading or start a new scheduling plan.   I imagine it and …

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You get to DECIDE

I DECIDED to take the last week to rest and that’s exactly what happened.  I’ve never rested like this because I always felt too guilty, at least that’s what my inner critic said.  I thought that I “shouldn’t” rest.  I thought that I didn’t deserve to rest.  I thought that working myself to the point …

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The world is waiting for your revolution.

The world is waiting for your revolution.

Lately I’ve been thinking about what a personal revolution looks like in my life.  My revolution is fueled by love and feminism, coaching and teaching, courage and humor, empowerment and possibility – mine and yours.   Imagine what your life will feel like when you shed the fear that keeps you stuck, when you take …

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“Ungodly Matriarchy”

Feminist hear the ABCD’s of gender slurs regularly.  BIPOC feminists experience the most vile threats.  As a white feminist, my race privilege insulates me.   Haters on social media who would not recognize me if we were standing in line next to one another at Starbucks ordering identical drinks, called me dangerous, immoral and radical. …

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I thought that I needed to wait for “something” to happen before I could be free.  I told myself to work hard, be perfect (good luck with that!) and try to exceed the expectations of each situation. I told myself to wait until: I left a toxic workplace I finished my dissertation and publish my …

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#UWNT & Equal Pay!

Did you watch the U.S. Women’s National Team win 2-0 over The Netherlands in the World Cup Final last week?  If not, you probably saw some coverage of their victory. How could you miss it, right?    After the championship match ended, the stadium vibrated with chants of “Equal Pay!  Equal Pay!” – a resounding show of support …

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Approachability is not in the Job Description

Approachability is not in the Job Description

There is no shortage of qualified women for leadership roles across diverse professional fields.  In fact, women earn the majority of university degrees with the exception of professional degrees, and they contribute to the workforce in greater numbers than in previous generations.  The question still remains, why are women largely absent from equal representation in …

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