Voices in our heads

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Slavenka Drakulic wrote about life under socialism and the independence of Croatia in her 1992 text, How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed.   I read this text while waiting at the Zagreb Airport for my spouse to arrive for a visit in 2014.  That day I underlined words that I searched for again today, five years later.   Drakulic wrote about …

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

Michelle Morkert burnout, community, Croatia, decisions, feminism, gender, gender norms, gender roles, healthy living, self-care

I’ve got a crazy idea. . . I’m not sure this is realistic, but. . . What if. . . I’ve always wanted to. . . Don’t you cherish conversations about aspirational ideas with special people who respond positively and authentically?    I love that idea!   What if…? Of course you could do that! Emilie Aries, founder of BossedUp and …