Fire & brimstone level fear

I used to feel ashamed about so many aspects of my life that I forgot myself and started to seek approval for my hobbies, clothing preferences, research and parenting. I forgot that it was an option to decide for myself. Over time, I slowly hid the qualities that made me uniquely me. They weren’t gone …

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I thought that I needed to wait for “something” to happen before I could be free.  I told myself to work hard, be perfect (good luck with that!) and try to exceed the expectations of each situation. I told myself to wait until: I left a toxic workplace I finished my dissertation and publish my …

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I’m faking it!

A professional who I respect shared with me the other day that she fakes it at work because she feels the need to “reassure” others.  This is a smart, prolific, compassionate human.  And, she does care about lots of people and lots of things. She leads a full life that includes family, career, friends, community engagement, …

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