The Suffrage Myth

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Women in the United States didn’t gain the right to vote in 1920.  Nope.  Women in the United States regained the right to vote.   Women voted in the U.S. colonies before 1920.  The intersections of gender, race, social class, age, religion, nation, politics, and democracy have always mattered in this country.   Women (privileged women) voted prior to 1920.  Voting women …


Likability, Electability, and Gender Stereotypes. Oh My!

Michelle Morkert elections, gender norms, gender roles

It’s not about whether a female candidate can win the popular vote or even lead the nation. The real challenge is convincing people to vote for a female candidate.  The ideas of likability and electability are steeped in U.S. gender norms.  Data indicate that people do not think negatively about women in leadership positions.  They think negatively about women in …


Pickles, Feminism & Women in My Family

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My grandmother created them. My mother kept them safe. I discovered them. My daughter wanted them.  And, together we both met my grandmother for the first time as we canned her homemade pickle recipes. Salt. Vinegar. Alum. Dill. Sugar. Cucumbers. Jars. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months.  Adherence to the quality, simplicity, and process.   How many times did we pour over …

“Be who you are.”

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When I was a doctoral student, my mentor gave a group of us this advice.  We were about to give conference presentations at a predominantly masculinized event and felt the pressure of academic conformity looming.  “Be who you are” she told us.  Wherever you are.  Be who you are.  I’ve taken this advice to heart for the past 18 years. …